Resource Retreat Wrap Up

Resource Retreat Wrap Up

On December 15th, the Hub wrapped up its Resource Retreat Winter Countdown Calendar. Each day allowed participants to unwrap valuable insights, tips, and resources to elevate their teaching experience.

The Resource Retreat calendar was hosted in two locations. A digital version was made available on the Hub website, and a printed copy of the calendar was available in the Hub space.

List of Resources from the Event

  1. Transcribing Recordings Using Microsoft Word Online
  2. Using Flip to Mitigate the Use of Generative AI
  3. Moodle Group Self-Selection Tool
  4. Create Interactive Lessons with Edpuzzle
  5. Polling with Perfection in Padlet
  6. Kahoot!
  7. Microsoft OneNote Tutorial
  8. Editing Zoom Recordings
  9. Tips to Survive/Cope with Marking Season from the TEACH Committee
  10. Tech Tuesdays Fall Semester Recap 2023

Online Resource Retreat Calendar

Resource Retreat Calendar Picture

Here is a high-resolution image of the full resource retreat calendar.

Screenshot of the resource retreat countdown calendar.

Stay tuned for more interactive activities from the Hub!