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Welcome to the Hub’s Learning Opportunities page. We will frequently update this page to ensure that the most current information is being displayed.


The Hub has a brand new book lending library. You can search through our collection online. We have over 120 books for you to browse and borrow. Learn all about classroom strategies, teaching best practices, integrating technology into your courses and more.

Courses & Certifications

LinkedIn Learning

For anyone working in a post-secondary institution in Ontario, including Cambrian College, LinkedIn Learning access is free. Contact the Hub team to learn how you can access this great resource.


Coursera’s Learning to Teach Online is a free massive open online course (MOOC) that introduces participants to educational technologies in blended and fully online environments. Learn in a community of global practitioners teaching in a variety of educational contexts.

Ontario Extend

Ontario Extend is a free online program from eCampus Ontario that introduces participants to the six essential characteristics of a 21st century educator in six discrete modules. The program is available at any time, to anyone, and the degree of participation is completely up to each participant. Read through the modules, tweet, blog, or do it all to collect the six Ontario Extend badges and one ultimate mega badge!

Quality Matters

Quality Matters (QM) is recognized as a leader in quality assurance for online education. In addition to their QM Certification program, they offer paid online workshops that model effective online teaching, and orient you to the basic principles of online course design. QM is nationally-recognized and grounded in research. At the completion of your course, you will receive an official certificate of completion to include on your CV. Consider these as first steps: Designing Your Online Course and Teaching Online: An Introduction to Online Delivery.


edX is a MOOC provider that offers high-quality online courses from world class universities and institutions, such as University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Toronto, Harvard, Berkeley, University of Queensland Australia, and over 100 more. With over 2200 courses available, you can find something that is meaningful and interesting for you across a variety of topics. Most courses take around a month to complete and require about 2-4 hours/week of effort. Take a moment and search for your next MOOC today!


TeachOnline.ca and Contact North Online Learning has a searchable list of over 1,700 upcoming education and technology conferences from around the world. Sort by date, subject, location, and conference title.