Student Accommodations

How to Meet Student Accommodations

The accommodation process is a shared responsibility.  When both parties reach out and discuss the types of accommodations being used it helps to build understanding and reinforces each individuals responsibilities.  How an accommodation is applied may vary depending on the type of course or the assessment.

Faculty Responsibility[1] 

Faculty who receive an accommodation memo for one of their students must acknowledge the memo in Clockwork.  Faculty should reach out to the student to discuss their accommodation needs.

Students Responsibility

Students are to tell faculty they have accommodations and should have a conversation with faculty on their academic needs. Students can also e-mail their accommodation memo to the faculty.

Accommodation Long Descriptions If you have any questions about accommodations, the Advisors will be available Monday afternoons via Zoom for drop-ins. Check your emails for further details. 

As soon as an accommodation memo is received: 

  1. Reach out to the student to have a discussion 1-1 in private about their accommodations/needs
  2. Example questions you may wish to ask your student

Questions You May Wish To Ask:

To assist your student in meeting their accommodations, you can ask the following questions one-on-one:

  • What can I do to meet your accommodations in this particular course? 
  • Here is how I plan to deliver this course [explanation]. Is there anything else that I can provide you to support your success in this class? 
  • Here is how I assign evaluations in this course [explanations]. I set up my due dates in this way [explanation]. How would you like to communicate requests for alternate due dates? 
  • Do you have a trusted peer in this class who may be able to assist with note-taking?

In addition, you may:

  • Give your student the benefit of the doubt – consider reasonable requests outside of their required accommodations

Questions That You Cannot Ask Your Student:

There are certain kinds of information that students are not required to share with their faculty, nor should they be prompted to share. These types of questions violate personal health information privacy laws and may also violate human rights.

  • What is your diagnosis?
  • Why do you have these accommodations?
  • Can you provide me with a doctor’s note or medical documentation?
  • How long have you had this diagnosis?

In addition, you may not: 

  • Refuse to provide accommodations without speaking with your student 
  • Share student accommodation information with other faculty, staff, or administrators – this will be shared with certain individuals as needed by GCC


Below you will see 3 different accommodation categories: Classroom Accommodations, Testing Accommodations, and Placement & Clinical Accommodations. Each category has multiple articles for you to view that will provide you with explanations, examples, and useful information for faculty responsibility and student responsibility for accommodations at Cambrian College.

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