Next Level Program


We are pleased to announce that submissions are now open to all members of the Cambrian community. We recognize the innovative work that Cambrian faculty and staff are doing around the college and believe that it is essential to showcase their contributions to the community. Cambrian students may also have valuable insights and experiences to share from their courses or programs that can enhance the learning experience for others. We encourage everyone to share their successes and best practices that have worked for them in their teaching and learning environment or workplace. The purpose of this opportunity is to inspire and encourage others to try new things and create a culture of collaboration and innovation throughout the college. By recognizing those who take risks, demonstrate teaching excellence and sharing insights, we can foster an environment that values continuous learning and growth.

How to Submit

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub is currently accepting submissions for the Next Level Campaign in a wide array of formats. These include: 

  1. Electronic submissions sent to
  2. Entries made via the online form provided below
  3. Through in-person conversations 

Once a submission has been received, a member of the Hub team will connect with the individual that submitted or the featured individual who is being recognized. The submission will be curated to ensure that it showcases the contribution in its best light. This process underscores the Hub’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment that recognizes the diversity of contributions from individuals across various academic and professional backgrounds.


The Level Up initiative began in 2018 and was an avenue for faculty to share incremental yet significant changes that enriched the quality and impact of their teaching. The campaign’s platform was on the Hub website, where submissions were showcased as blog posts. The unforeseen challenges posed by COVID-19 prompted an expansion of the campaign in 2020 to incorporate faculty to submit advice and tips on how they were navigating teaching virtually. The continued evolution of the campaign has led to the rebranding and becoming a program, which will be integrated into more Hub initiatives.


We are excited to announce that contributors who take part in our program to enhance teaching and learning at Cambrian will be recognized in multiple ways for their valuable contributions. Not only will their submissions be featured in the Teaching Tips section of the Hub’s newsletter and website, and promoted through our social media channels, but they will also receive a well-deserved badge through our new Badging System. This recognition is a testament to participants hard work and dedication towards making a positive impact on education in the Cambrian community, and we are proud to showcase their innovative ideas and expertise to a wider audience.

Integration of Next Level into Professional Development Sessions

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub is pleased to announce that the Next Level program will now be seamlessly integrated into professional development sessions facilitated with the Hub. Attendees will now receive a badge for participating, and facilitators will earn a PD facilitator badge. We value the dedication and time invested in professional development, and we want to highlight those involved. The new badging system allows members of the Cambrian community to showcase their devotion to ongoing professional development and their continued efforts in education. 

Introduction of a New Badging System

Introducing the Hub’s brand new badging system for the Next Level Program! This system is designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our participants in the program. Whether you’ve made a Next Level Submission or attended one of our professional development sessions, you will have the opportunity to earn badges. Show off your accomplishments by sharing them on social media or displaying them on your Moodle profile. The badges are divided into three levels, each representing a different milestone. The categories include:

Level 1: Climbing the Mountain

Starting your ascent up the mountain.

Next Level Badge - Level 1 Next Level Badge - Level 1 PD
NEXT LEVEL: This level reflects beginner participation in the Next Level Program. NEXT LEVEL – PD: This is achieved by attending a single PD session, contributing one Next Level Submission.

Level 2: Reaching the Top of the Mountain

Leveling up in the Next Level Program.

Next Level Badge - Level 2 Next Level Badge - Level 2 - PD
NEXT LEVEL: This badge is achieved by contributing three Next Level Submissions. NEXT LEVEL – PD: This badge is achieved by attending three PD sessions.

Level 3: Reaching for the Stars

Going above and beyond in the Next Level Program.

Next Level Badge - Level 3 Next Level Badge - Level 3 - PD
NEXT LEVEL: This is achieved by submitting five or more Next Level submissions. NEXT LEVEL PD: This badge is achieved by attending five or more PD sessions.

PD Facilitators Badge: Reaching a New Galaxy

Dedication to Innovation & Education.

Next Level Badge - Facilitator

Awarded to those who facilitate a professional development session with the Hub, demonstrating their commitment and expertise in sharing knowledge and promoting ongoing professional development.

Ready to make a submission?

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