About Nearpod

Nearpod is a transformative educational platform that brings innovation to the heart of post-secondary education. It is designed to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for both in-person and remote classes.

Accessing Nearpod at Cambrian

  • To get access to a Nearpod account license, please email
    • A member of the Hub Team will follow-up with an invitation via email.
    • After you receive the invitation, follow the instructions and sign in using your Cambrian email address and password.

Key Features

Nearpod empowers educators with the tools they need to create engaging, interactive, and effective lessons. It bridges the gap between traditional teaching and the ever-evolving digital landscape of education.

  • Nearpod enables faculty to craft and deliver interactive lessons that captivate students’ attention and encourage active participation.
  • Assess student comprehension with real-time assessments using quizzes, polls, or open-ended questions.
  • Access a vast library of ready-made lessons and resources spanning various subjects and grade levels. This resource streamlines the lesson planning process.
  • Transport students to different parts of the world or significant historical events through virtual field trips, enriching their learning experiences.
  • Nearpod integrates with Moodle, making it easy for educators to incorporate it into their existing courses.


  • [website]
    This is Nearpod official website where you can explore and learn more about this web-based tool.
  • Nearpod YouTube Playlist [videos]
    This YouTube playlist contains some tutorial videos on how to accomplish certain tasks Nearpod.
  • Nearpod Level-Up Blog Post [Hub blog]
    This is a blog post by one of the Instructional Designers, Sarah Wendorf on how she implemented Nearpod lessons into her classroom.

Google Slides and Nearpod



Camp Engage

#CampEngage by Nearpod logoCamp Engage is Nearpod’s eagerly anticipated annual professional development event, bringing together educators, thought leaders, and edtech enthusiasts from around the world. This immersive and interactive gathering serves as a hub for innovation, inspiration, and collaboration, where participants delve into the latest trends in education technology, share best practices, and explore how Nearpod’s solutions are reshaping the future of learning. Camp Engage is more than just an event; it’s a transformative experience that empowers educators to engage, enrich, and elevate their teaching practices.

Learn more about this event through the Camp Engage Nearpod landing page.

Key Contacts

For licensing, contact Chris or Rob. For design assistance, contact Alison.

Christopher Schubert
Senior Educational Technology Specialist




FLEX Classroom Training

(705) 566-8101 x 6216

Rob Comtois
eLearning Technologist




FLEX Classroom Training

(705) 566-8101 x 6207

Alison Loach
Instructional Designer

Course design and layout

Creation of learning objects

Interactive multimedia

(705) 566-8101 x 6209