Tech Tuesdays Fall Semester Recap 2023

Tech Tuesdays Fall Semester Recap 2023

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Some of the things discussed during the fall semester of 2023 include:

  • Creating a Certificate in Moodle

  • Creating Quiz Questions with AI

  • Adding AI-Generated Images into Padlet

Creating A Certificate In Moodle

Creating a Certificate for Moodle using PowerPoint

Step 1: Download Building Materials

» Download the building materials from the certificate demo Moodle Shell under Section 2.

Step 2: Open PowerPoint

» Open a new PowerPoint presentation.

Step 3: Adjust Page Size

» Go to “Page Setup.”

» Set the width to 11 inches and the height to 8 1/2 inches to match a standard sheet of paper.

» Additional options for these adjustments can be found on the Microsoft website.

Step 4: Access Slide Master

» Go to the “View” tab.

» Select “Slide Master.”

Step 5: Edit Slide Master

» In the Slide Master view, you’ll see pre-formatted layouts.

» Delete any extra layout slides that you don’t need.

» Customize the background for the entire document by going to “Background Styles” and “Format Background.”

Step 6: Add Background and Security Pattern

» Select “Picture or Texture Fill” and insert your desired background.

» Add a security pattern by clicking “Insert Picture” and choose the security pattern image from your building materials.

Step 7: Adjust Transparency

» Adjust the transparency of the security pattern to blend it better with the background.

Step 8: Add a Decorative Border

» Insert a decorative border image from your building materials.

» Resize it to reach the edges of your certificate.

Step 9: Modify Foreground Graphics

» Break up the graphics into individual elements.

» Adjust the colours and styles of each element to match the aesthetic you desire.

Step 10: Add Certificate Title

» Insert the word “certificate” at the top using a pre-formatted certificate graphic from the building materials, or create your own.

Step 11: Use Layout Slide

» Insert placeholder boxes using the “Insert Placeholder” option for student information.

» Arrange and format these boxes as needed.

Step 12: Customize Content

» Add student name, date, and code in the designated boxes.

» Ensure that permanent content (e.g., the certificate title) is placed on the slide master slide.

Step 13: Exit Slide Master

» Exit the Slide Master view.

Step 14: Add Certificate Content

» Delete any pre-formatted content.

» Insert your customized certificate content.

Step 15: Export the Certificate

» Go to “File” and select “Export.”

» Save the certificate as a JPEG with the size set to 279 by 216

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Creating Quiz Questions with AI

Step 1 – Have the content you would like to create quiz questions from ready

Step 2 – Go to ChatGPT

Step 3 – Write your prompt. You want to be as clear as possible when it comes to writing your prompts to get a good result.

Think about:
– What type of quiz question you want (mc, t/f, fill in the blanks)
– How many questions do you want produced?
– How many alternative answers would you like?
– How AI can indicate the correct answer.

Step 4 – Put all these pieces together to form a prompt something like this:

Create a multiple-choice quiz with 2 questions with 4 alternatives each and put a star next to the correct answers. Create the questions based on this content: [copy & paste your content here]

Getting Your Questions from ChatGPT to H5P Quiz

Step 1 – Copy from ChatGPT into Word document. It’s a good idea to review & reformat before putting the questions into the H5P tool.

Step 2 – Once you’re happy with your questions, go to you Moodle course and create an H5P Quiz.

Step 3 – In Moodle, add a new activity/resource and select H5P Interactive Content option (green icon).

Step 4 – For the content type, select Quiz (Question Set).

Step 5 – Now you can start creating your H5P Quiz. Select the question type that you specified in ChatGPT (m/c, t/f, etc.)

Step 6 – From your Word document, copy and paste quiz question content in. Starting with the question and all answer options. Be sure to check mark the correct box for the correct answer.

Step 7 – ChatGPT may or may not have provided answer explanations. These can be added if preferred for immediate question feedback.

Step 8 – One you have inputted your questions, be sure to save and return to course in Moodle!

Add AI-Generated Images in Padlet