Moodle Group Self-Selection

Moodle Group Self-Selection

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This module allows students to select a group in the course they want and join it. Groupless students can create new groups, which is an optional feature provided. Supervisors may be randomly assigned to groups. Group data is exportable as a CSV file.

Teacher Usage

Teachers can CSV-export and assign supervisors to groups. As default, they can also possibly see the buttons for joining, leaving or creating groups (only if enabled).

Exporting group data as a CSV file is done by clicking the corresponding button on the main view. This creates a download link for downloading the file. A row represents one group in the CSV file and the values are comma-separated. The latest Excel and Libreoffice software should manage to open the file directly, if not, try different separator and character set options.

Assigning supervisors to groups is possible if a corresponding setting is enabled and the course has participants with the corresponding role of supervisors. Pressing the assignment button divides the groups randomly and evenly to supervisors. The assignment is reversible and can be redone. If students should know their assigned person, it is recommended to enable the setting Show assigned supervisors, otherwise, the assignments show up only in the export file.

a screenshot of teacher usage (group selection view)