Clockwork Software

Cambrian College uses an online software called Clockwork to help with disability and counselling services.

This software allows the Glenn Crombie Centre to better help students that require accommodations for their disabilities and those that require mental health services.  It allows students to access the services of the Glenn Crombie Centre on a secure online platform at any time.

Using Clockwork. Image of a computer screen, a clock, and a smartphone

About Clockwork

For Faculty

This software will allow faculty to do two things:

  1. View Accommodation Letters
  2. Enter test dates

Faculty can access Clockwork through the Faculty Tab in MyCambrian. Scroll down to the Glenn Crombie Centre Portlet and click the Faculty Homepage link.

For Students

From this platform, students can:

  • book appointments with the various staff of the GCC
  • view their current accommodations
  • renew their accommodations at the beginning of each term
  • schedule to write a test with accommodations
  • view and register for various workshops hosted by the GCC,
  • request and view class notes
  • request books in alternate format.

Previously, accessing most of these services needed to happen during business hours and in many cases in-person.

For Students, Clockwork can be accessed from any computer and mobile device via the Glenn Crombie Centre Portlet in the Student section of myCambrian.

How to View Student Accommodation Letters

Once you have navigated to the Glenn Crombie faculty homepage through MyCambrian, you can click on “Accommodation Letters” from the menu at the top. You can view Accommodation Letters here for each of your students where applicable.

How to Enter Test Dates

Also within the Glenn Crombie faculty homepage through MyCambrian, you can click on “Courses” in the top menu. This brings you to a list of courses that you have within that term. See the drop-down menu in the top right corner to select the term you wish to view. Clicking the “Tests and Exams” link within each course will bring you a table that shows you a list of the tests you have for that specific course. To schedule an upcoming test, select a date in the top left corner. From there, you can complete the details of your test. If it’s a Moodle test, indicate that on the form. If not, you can upload a digital file of the test itself. If you need to change the date or time of an existing test, you can do so here as well.

Clockwork Video Walkthrough (For Faculty)

Watch the short video below (5:16 mins) to learn more about viewing Accommodation Letters and entering test dates into Clockwork. This video was produced by Yvan Roy, Assistive Technologist, with the Glenn Crombie Centre.

Still Need Help with Clockwork?