Using Flip (Flipgrid) to Mitigate the Use of Generative AI

Using Flip (Flipgrid) to Mitigate the Use of Generative AI

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Flip/Flipgrid Overview

Flip (formerly “Flipgrid”) is a video discussion tool available online through Microsoft Office Portal. Teachers post topics with an accompanying video and students respond with a short video of themselves speaking about the topic. If you’ve used discussion forums before, Flip is an interesting alternative that can make your discussions more personable and help you, and your students, get to know each other.

There are several advantages to using Flip. Because students can post a Flip on their own time, it can alleviate some of the pressures of being asked to speak “on the spot” during a live class. Students can also view and respond to other students’ videos, which helps build a sense of community. Flip has the added benefit of being less susceptible to the misuse of Generative AI tools – including ChatGPT – because it relies on video responses instead of written ones. Try it out today!

Video Tutorial

This video will show you how to access and log into Flip, create a class, and post your first topic. It will also show you how to reply to topics to keep the discussion flowing.

Tips & Tricks

  • When creating Topics, ask students to reflect on personal experiences, recent or local events, in-class discussions, guest speakers, or other things that generative AI tools do not have information about. This helps boost the academic integrity of your activity or assessment since Generative AI tools may only have general, not specific, information on the topic.
  • Consider what AI is capable of, and what tasks are distinctively human by reviewing the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Use this information when creating the topics, or prompts, that your students respond to by asking your students to do things that AI cannot do as well.
  • Consider revising your previous discussion forum and essay questions from previous activities and using them on Flip. Visit UCL’s Designing Assessments for an AI-enabled World, which includes videos on specific strategies to revise essays, exam questions, and more, to make them more robust.


How Flip Works – This page explains what Flip is and how it works for faculty and students

Flip Educator Toolkit – Contains additional resources and information for educators including guides, tips and tricks, and information to view.

Step-by-Step Guide for Educators – This quick PDF guide shows you the basics of setting up a group and posting your first topic.