Coming Together Virtually

Jenny Clattenburg shares how she had her students come together virtually using geographical coordinates!
Where are we going?

Coming Together Virtually

Submitted by Jenny Clattenburg

Where are we going?

Graphic by Brian Levac

How are you staying afloat this year?

I wanted to share something that I did with the ADMH students in our Diversity Informed Practice class this semester.

“Where Are We?” We can still come “together” even though we are miles apart. During the first week of class, we spent some time looking up our individual geographic coordinates. I had asked students to post their longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates in a Padlet. I was then able to utilize an online tool to calculate an average coordinate for where we would be “meeting” in the world (if we were to meet ‘in the middle’)

It seemed to be an enjoyable exercise for all, and a reminder that we are all connected despite the diversity in our physical locations.

FYI: We would be meeting somewhere in a desert between Algeria and Morocco!
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