Fit For All

One of Cambrian’s IT technicians, Kyle Ainslie, shares multiple ways he has been keeping busy both mentally and physically, during these virtual times!
Active ideas for your mind

Fit For All

Submitted by Kyle Ainslie

Active ideas for your mind

Graphic by Brian Levac

How are you staying afloat this year?

An active mind/body is a healthy one! Regular exercise and a healthy diet keeps the body and mind functioning at capacity. Before this pandemic, I always like to regularly challenge myself to get a new certification, or learn a new skill (whether work-related or not).

Since starting to work from home, my girlfriend has really encouraged me to participate in Virtual Marathons/Runs (as in, you can register for a run located in Vancouver; however, you can complete it in Sudbury, or wherever, and submit your results and receive medals/swag accordingly).

I’ve also set up a mini “home gym” in my place to keep up with my fitness since Good Life closed for a while.

To challenge my mind – my girlfriend and I have also really gotten into puzzles and Legos – in particular, building complex vehicles, like the Batmobile 1989 version that took almost 15 hours to complete.

I’ve also really taken to professional development; recently received a certification from Dell for TechDirect (in summary, this was provided by my department so that we can perform warranty work on Dell-based computers without always having to call a tech on-site).

And at the beginning of November, I started teaching Windows for IT Professionals for the CETY program at Cambrian which I have found very rewarding. It has occupied a lot of my time outside of the classroom for ensuring the virtual environments/labs are working properly, speaking with students for any issues they’re experiencing, and of course, grading assignments which can be time-consuming.

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