Going Virtual for Placement Opportunities

Cambrian’s very own DSW Team took a creative approach to find new ways for their students to participate in virtual placement opportunities.
Just the right place.

Going Virtual for Placement Opportunities

Submitted by the Cambrian DSW Team

Just the right place.

Graphic by Brian Levac

How are you staying afloat this year?

Keeping up with impacts to placement opportunities posed a great challenge for our faculty team, community partners, and our students.

We took a creative approach by finding new ways to support community initiatives, engage in online workshops and practice applied skills. In a virtual environment, we developed a point system for participation in what we’ve called our Virtual Placement Sandbox.

In the Sandbox, students can self-enroll and keep engaged in meaningful ways with guidance from faculty and collect points for each activity completed.

A minimum weekly point score is required. Tracking sheets are submitted to help keep everyone organized.
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