FLEX Classroom Resources

FLEX Classroom Walkthrough

Flex Classroom Instructions

Before Class

  1. Turn on the classroom computer, projectors, and TVs.
  2. Log in to the computer.
  3. Start the Zoom meeting for your class by clicking the link to join.
      • If prompted to log into Zoom, click ‘Sign in with SSO,’ type ‘cambriancollege’ for the company domain, and sign in using your Cambrian Microsoft credentials.
      • Screenshot of Zoom sign in options
      • Screenshot of Zoom's Sign In with SSO option
  4. Turn on your video and audio. Ensure the camera and microphones are working.
    • Screenshot of Zoom's Mute and Shop Video options available during a Zoom Chat.
      • If Zoom is not using the classroom camera, click ^ next to the video icon on the Zoom taskbar and choose Black Magic WDM Capture to select the classroom camera.
  5. Open all PowerPoints, documents, videos, and other materials you will share during class.

During Class

  1. To record your lecture, click ‘Record’ > ‘Record to the Cloud’ in Zoom.
      • Screenshot of the Record and Share Screen options available during a Zoom chat.
  2. Share your screen. This will display simultaneously on the classroom projector and virtually on Zoom. Remember to ‘Share Screen’ in Zoom for all content you share so virtual students see it.
          • To share a Video, click ‘Share Screen’ and select your video. Check off the two boxes at the bottom of the window to ‘share sound’ and ‘optimize for video clip.’ Screenshot of the Share Sound and Optimize for video clip options for sharing your screen in a Zoom meeting.
          • To use the Epson Smart Board, click ‘Easy Interactive Tools’ on the desktop. Choose ‘New’ and then ‘Share Screen’ in Zoom. Use the Epson pen provided in the classroom for the Smart Board.
            • Epson "Easy Interactive Tools" Icon.
          • To use the Document Camera, click ‘Easy Interactive Tools’ on the desktop. Choose ‘Camera’ and then ‘Share Screen’ in Zoom.
            • Select ‘Avervision’ to use the document camera, if available.

After Class

  1. When your class is finished, click ‘Stop Recording’.
  2. End the Zoom meeting and close Zoom.
  3. Sign out of the computer and turn off the classroom projectors and TVs.

Emergency Support

During your class time, contact Classroom Support at ext. 6111 or the I.T. Helpdesk at ext. 7370.

FLEX Classroom Tips

Classroom Camera & Microphones

  • Students attending virtually can be heard over classroom speakers when they talk. Ensure their mic is muted when they are not speaking.
  • Students in the classroom can be heard by students attending virtually. Faculty and students should speak loudly and clearly so students attending virtually can hear them.

Camera Angles

  • You can change the camera angle and zoom manually by using the camera remote control provided in the classroom. Use the zoom and arrow buttons to adjust the camera angle.
  • The cameras have preset angles that can be accessed using the camera remote in the classroom. Press one of the number buttons on the remote to select a preset option.

Whiteboard Use

  • When planning to write on the whiteboard, use the Epson SmartBoard to share with all students, including those attending virtually. If you write on the whiteboard using markers, virtual students cannot read it.
  • You can also type notes into a Word processing software (e.g., Word, Google Doc) that you share in Zoom so all students can view them.

Class Discussions/Group Work

  • Zoom breakout rooms can be used for group work or discussions. Create breakout rooms for virtual students and let in-person students group together in the classroom.
  • You can use your laptop to join the meeting as a guest. Assign yourself as a co-host, and you can monitor the Zoom chat, breakout rooms, etc., from your laptop.

Training & Additional Resources


Christopher Schubert
Senior Educational Technology Specialist




FLEX Classroom Training

(705) 566-8101 x 6216

Robert Comtois
eLearning Technologist




FLEX Classroom Training

(705) 566-8101 x 6207