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Why Use Zoom?

Zoom is easy to use and has great audio and video quality. Faculty can use Zoom to record lectures, hold virtual office hours, and conduct meetings and training sessions online. Also if a faculty member is out of office or away, virtual classes can be held for the students. There is also the option of synchronizing online instructions or recording sessions or lessons that can be viewed later on, which faculty can give their students access to when they are away or need to review the lesson again. For more information, visit the Zoom website.

Zoom Ready Checklist

Make certain you’ve shared the correct Zoom meeting link with students
Launch your meeting
If you intend to record the meeting:

  • Click on the Record button on the lower toolbar
  • Select the Record to the Cloud option*
  • Remind students that you’re recording
  • Confirm that you’re recording, you should see a “Recording” indicator on the upper left of your screen

Carry on with your lesson/meeting
When finished, select Stop Recording or just End Meeting
If you recorded, you will receive an email when your recording has finished processing
The email will include a link to share with students. Recordings may take up to 48 hours to process once Zoom is being used by hundreds of thousands of users starting Monday, March 23

*Note – you can choose the Record on This Computer option when recording your session. However, there will not be auto captions for accessibility and you will need to upload the recording manually to Moodle (rather than just link). These files can be very large depending on the length of the recording and will take up space on your computer.

If you need Zoom setup advice, refer to Zoom FAQ for Faculty & Staff and Zoom Meetings – Instructions for Faculty

To share advice with your students use the Zoom FAQ for Students

Signing into Zoom through the Cambrian Portal

    • To activate your account, go to https://cambriancollege.zoom.us 
    • Click “Sign in”.  
    • Sign in using your Cambrian email address (e.g., first.last@cambriancollege.ca).  The password is the one used to log into your Cambrian email, college network, and VPN.

Need Help?

Contact the Hub team today if you need assistance with this program or visit the Teaching & Learning Innovation Hub in room 1271 at Cambrian College.


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