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Sarah Wendorf's Blog

Extending Help to Others

Submitted by Sarah Wendorf

Sarah Wendorf's Blog

What challenge, problem or motivation inspired you to make one small change?

I was interested in finding a new way to better assist faculty and staff in their instructional design projects. I found out about the Ontario Extend mOOC (“medium” Open Online Course) and thought it would be a valuable opportunity to improve upon my own practice. This is a link to Ontario Extend (same content as the mOOC). I could then translate that learning to how I approach working with others. Since I don’t work directly with students as an Instructional Designer, it is through working with faculty and staff that I thought this could have a positive impact.

Tell us about your one small change:

I enrolled in the Ontario Extend mOOC in January 2019 and completed it in April 2019. I was able to create a blog and expand my knowledge in teaching and learning, integrating technology into courses, curating content for courses, collaborating with a Personal Learning Network, experimenting in instructional design, and learning about the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. I was also able to connect with educators across the province at both colleges and universities and learn what’s happening at other institutions to bring those new ideas to Cambrian.

What was the result of your one small change?

As a result of participating, I can now better help our faculty and staff design activities for their courses that can be more effective for learning, find new and emerging technologies that could help solve problems in different ways, locate resources including Open Educational Resources to help supplement courses, ask other Instructional Designers for help, get creative with thinking outside the box, and assist with conducting research in the classroom to improve learning outcomes. As I wrote all of my responses on my personal blog, I am able to refer back to that in the future and share those links if there is information that could assist with course planning, delivery and evaluation.

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