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Evoking Professional Change in Students by Implementing Self-Awareness

Submitted by Jari Sundholm

What challenge, problem or motivation inspired you to make one small change?

I have a lot of students (approximately 150 students) and it’s very difficult to remember each one. When it came to marking professional conduct, I didn’t want to base it on attendance. I went online and got some professional conduct self evaluation forms.

Tell us about your one small change:

Students self-evaluated their own professional conduct. There were two parts: one part midway through the semester – i would give them feedback. If I agreed then they could continue. And if I disagreed, we would have a discussion and they would have to defend their position.

What was the result of your one small change?

They filled out the forms once before midterms, and again before finals and they would receive my feedback on these. 50% of students evaluated themselves correctly (ex: were you prepared, did you come to class on time, etc.) and some gave themselves all perfect marks and that wasn’t realistic. I would like to try this again. The key on the self evaluation is that it should be measurable and specific.

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