Databases for Business Students

How a faculty librarian found a better database solution for business students to help them in researching industry trends
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Databases for Business Students

Submitted by Marnie Seal

Hand pointing with pen on a computer chart / document

What challenge, problem or motivation inspired you to make one small change?

Our students, particularly those studying business, didn’t have access to much consumer and industry information through our library resources – at least, not in a way that was easily discover-able.

Tell us about your one small change:

We leveled-up our library by purchasing a subscription to Statista, a user-friendly database of statistics, reports, infographics and market outlook information. Students and faculty can now access this information through the library (free of charge!). We then compiled even more online resources and updated our Business Research Guide to include sections on company and country assessments, industry information, trade, intellectual property, demographics and cultural information, and business plan creation.

What was the result of your one small change?

Students now have an easier way to research industry trends for their assignments.

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