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Review that Stays in my Mind!

Submitted by Alison Frauts, graduate of the Public Relations program and former TFEE Student in the Hub.

Doing review at the beginning of class on the past lesson or chapter as a class is helpful in terms of remembering what was learnt last week and also helping prep for future tests/exams.

A professor had a the program called Plickers, which is a free card activity where each student is given a card with a unique code. A multiple choice question is presented to the class and each student submits their answer by holding up the card a certain way to display their answer (ex. The sides of the card have A,B,C, or D, the student must put the side/letter they want to answer with at the top).

The professor then goes around the classroom with their smartphone scanning each card. Once all the answers are collected, it brings up the correct answer and anonymously brings up the percentage of the class for each answer that was submitted.

This was just a more fun way to do review weekly rather than being handed a review sheet at the end semester. I found this type of review helped me remember test questions better when it came to test day and overall helped me remember what I learnt throughout the whole semester!

Alison Frauts
Instructional Designer


(705) 566-8101 x 6209


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