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Learning through Games!

Submitted by Alison Frauts, graduate of the Public Relations program and former TFEE Student in the Hub.


Doing activities, collaborating with classmates and having fun during a lesson is a fun way of learning.

Professors who go above and beyond to make lectures not so boring is always something a student can appreciate.

Doing games in class that can relate to the lesson content is a perfect example that students can take with them to remember when it comes to writing an assignment or doing review for a test.

I’ve experienced playing games in the classroom this semester where a professor brought in the game Jenga to incorporate the lesson. 

For this particular lesson, it was for management decision making. Each student took a turn giving an answer of a risk that could potentially happen in regards to the scenario that was made up in class to relate to risks in decision making. Whenever a correct answer was given the student had to play Jenga. This was fun and challenging to see how many students could answer before the Jenga tower tumbled down which demonstrated what would be the breaking point of this particular scenario and risk decision.

Overall myself and my classmates really seemed to enjoy this refreshing and different activity of learning!

Alison Frauts
Instructional Designer


(705) 566-8101 x 6209


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