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Shameless Self-Promotion! Pre-Scheduling Tweets to Draw Traffic to a Conference Presentation

Twitter. I’m new to the platform and figuring it out. Or, at least trying to. I’m an awkward Twitterer, and find myself spending more time on how to tweet than I do actually Tweeting. Even the syntax still feels ridiculous. My seemingly endless Twitterverse learning curve has been quite a humbling experience.


What is decidedly not humble but also quite awesome is pre-conference self-promotion. Since I’m actively trying to build my Twitter following in an effort to extend my PLN, I’ll check out a conference hashtag and start adding its followers. I mean, if they’re going to a conference that I’m also quite interested in, surely they might have something meaningful to add to my feed (it’s called a feed right?).


So that’s what I’m up to tonight, the Sunday before Online Learning 2018: Global Summit and EdTech Expo, #GlobalSummit18. I see a post inviting delegates to a certain breakout session. It’s got a link to the full proposal and a cute yet professional photo to accompany it.


What kind of genius is this? I wonder. I ask my co-presenter and colleague if we should do the same. She says go for it, and suggests that I pre-schedule the Tweets. Obviously that’s even more genius, so here I am Googling how. I thought this would make a great topic for a #9x9x25 post as it’s one small example of being exposed to a new concept, and immediately trying it out.


The reason why I stick to Twitter despite my newbness is the social constructivism and connectivism the platform enables. I’ve been learned about so many amazing concepts, opportunities, resources, and humans in the short time I’ve been using Twitter. As I move beyond the most basic of how-tos, and watch the more advanced users take advantage of the platform, I’m becoming more interested in using Twitter with students. Using Twitter to build my “brand” (still not sure what that it). When I stumble across research articles about Twitter, I read. I’m in this interesting space of where it all feels unfamiliar yet I can see the potential. It’s a paradox of humility and ego.


But you know what? Laura, Jeff, and I put a lot of work into our presentation. We’re bringing years of combined knowledge, all packaged up in a well rehearsed delivery. We’re even sharing business cards that link to a website loaded up with helpful resources and feedback opportunities. We’re bringing our A Game, and I want people to come out!


So off I go, endeavouring to pre-schedule a few Tweets in the hopes that a few more people show up to hear us talk about Connecting with Learners via Video: Success Strategies, taking place on October 17 at 2:45pm in Metropolitan Ballroom A… and I’m going to do so shamelessly!


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