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Simulating Real-Life Lab Scenarios

Submitted by Kathryn Aitchison

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

What challenge, problem or motivation inspired you to make one small change?

There was a lack of actual patient samples in one of the labs and the students needed more practice setting up patient samples.

Tell us about your one small change:

I created patient requisitions and labels for actual patient samples.  Also, I spiked a blood culture bottle with E.coli and demonstrated to the students how the sample would be setup in a real lab. I also re-created a chart as a teaching aid.

What was the result of your one small change?

The patient requisitions and labels will be incorporated into the lab in January, 2020. In 2019, the students were shown how to setup a positive blood culture and then were able to do it themselves. The students also  found the chart very helpful.

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