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Calendar on iPad and Mac Desktop

How I Save Time by Using Moodle’s Schedule Tool

Submitted by Carolyn Salem

Calendar on iPad and Mac Desktop

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

What challenge, problem or motivation inspired you to make one small change?

Students are required to complete pre-scheduled patrols as part of my course, but oftentimes they would forget about the patrol or not realize they had an upcoming patrol to complete because they hadn’t checked the PDF on Moodle. Also, students would need to switch their patrols with other students, which requires me to manually update the PDF schedule.

Tell us about your one small change:

I implemented the schedule tool in Moodle to track and monitor patrols. I pre-populated the dates/times of the patrols and the student who was scheduled to attend on that date. I then activated the reminder to let students know about their patrol a few days in advance. Students could also go in and swap patrols with another student by cancelling their booking and rebooking into their new time slot. The system would send me alerts when this happened so I knew who was swapping.

What was the result of your one small change?

This significantly reduced my time commitment in maintaining the PDF patrol schedule and also reduced the number of missed patrols as students got the reminders. It was a HUGE help in eliminating the administrative burden that scheduling can cause.

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