Developing Education Around Cultural Diversity

How several staff members worked together to build a module to educate the organization about cultural diversity, cultural humility and cultural competence
Cultural Diversity HR Module

Developing Education Around Cultural Diversity

Submitted by Carla John & Stacey Vehkala

Cultural Diversity HR Module

What challenge, problem or motivation inspired you to make one small change?

Working in Human Resources, we were receiving requests from our faculty and staff who wanted more information about how to best support our increasingly diverse student population.

Tell us about your one small change:

We worked with the Hub to develop a Cultural Diversity module for our employees at Cambrian College using H5P Course Presentation technology in Moodle. It was designed to take about 30 minutes to complete as a mandatory requirement of employment and covered topics such as cultural diversity, cultural humility and cultural competency.

The development of the module was gradual as we met with the Hub and talked about what we wanted, went away and worked on it then came back together. Decisions were made about how we would design the module. We learned that having a script is very important, especially when someone is narrating the module. As well, high on our priority list was making sure the module was completely accessible for everyone. The final product was a compilation of all our ideas.

What was the result of your one small change?

From the feedback that we received so far, our faculty and staff appreciate that the module was very direct and concise and there wasn’t a lot of ambiguity. We tried to be very clear about what we wanted people to know and make it easy to understand so they could best learn from it. Overall it has been a positive response.

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