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Educational Templates

Creating Infographic Syllabus Templates for Teachers

Educational Templates

Hello everyone! My name is Danielle and I’m a graphic design student working as a Graphic and Web TFEE summer employee for the Hub. I’m very excited to show you some templates that Sarah Wendorf and I constructed for you to use as beginning-of-the-year syllabus hand-outs. These templates are created for you to give to your students so that they’re very easy to use, as well as minimalist, clear and an overall great piece of design. If you’re not as familiar with design, that is absolutely no problem because they are easily customizable through PowerPoint. As well, if you need further assistance with editing them through PowerPoint, Sarah and I have constructed a short video that will give you a quick rundown on how to easily customize each template, a long with a few other neat features.

Imagine this: you’re a student, nervous to begin a new semester and you receive a syllabus for the course. It has 12 modules, and it has an intimidating chart that reads “Exam Worth 40%”. The colors are limited and it has a dramatic black and white colour scheme.

The way that you design your handouts matters. Speaking from experience, when I receive a handout or syllabus at the beginning of the year, it can alter my perception of the course! As a student, my syllabus is everything. It has important information such as deadlines and what to focus on for each unit. I use it for everything, and I often hang it up where I can see it. I’m a part of the Graphic Design program so consequently most of the time my syllabi are coherent and clear because the teachers are a part of the design industry. However, I know that there is a gap for clean and minimalist course overview infographics in other courses which is why Sarah and I designed the eight different templates that you can use today for your course. Imagine you can change your students’ perception of your course within the first five minutes of your first class. Because you definitely can with these templates.

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