Technology Launch and Help

Technology Launch and Help!

If you need help understanding any of the technology you need to access College information and your courses this semester, please use the following guide as a start. If you do not find the information you need, please email or phone (705) 566-8101 ext. 7303 during regular business hours (typically Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm) for assistance.

Using myCambrian

You have used myCambrian to register for courses and other administrative activities to get ready for this semester. You log on to myCambrian through the following website:


Your User Name is your A number

If you have forgotten your password, email or to reset it.

Here is a video walkthrough of myCambrian:

myCambrian is your central resource for critical College information on the Welcome Page, and in your Student Tab you will see your courses for this semester. A wide variety of quick links and student resources are available. To view these resources, scroll down on your Student tab.

How to Register

If you do not see any courses listed in your myCambrian Student tab, then you have not successfully registered. If you require help and support to register, please email  or phone 1 (705) 566-8101 ext. 3003 during regular business hours. Video Walkthrough on Registration

Logging in to your Courses

When you log in to myCambrian, on your Student Tab (select Student (or the backpack symbol on your smartphone) from the left-side menu options) you will see a list of courses that you have registered to take this semester ready for you.

To enter a Moodle shell (our College learning management system) select the Moodle “M” icon in your list of courses. To read through your course outline, select the PDF icon next to your course name under “Course Outline.”

Here is a video walkthrough of Moodle:

View Your Timetable

To view your timetable, when you are logged into myCambrian scroll down to the “Important Links” section and select “Your Student Timetable.”

If you have fully online courses in your timetable, they will be listed at the top of the timetable. Fully online courses have no on-campus meetings and no regularly scheduled virtual meetings. You do have a professor for your course and your professor will communicate with you through Moodle and email.

You will see a variety of courses in your timetable in yellow with a course code, e.g., MTH1152, a CRN number, e.g. 91364, your professor’s name, e.g., Rousseau, Marc, and a Room code. If there is a number next to the word “Room,” your class is on campus in the room specified.

If your course is listed as VIRT, this means your course is “virtual.” There are no on-campus meetings for your course. Please be aware that your courses may be a mix of on-campus and VIRT in your timetable. When your course is listed as VIRT, in your Moodle shell, or through email, your professor will explain to you when and how you will be meeting as a class. Likely through Zoom, our web conferencing tool for 1 or more hours during your scheduled class time period.

What is Zoom? How do I use it?

Link to Zoom FAQ for students.

Cambrian email, Microsoft Office Suite, LinkedIn Learning

Cambrian College is a Microsoft campus. You have access to the full suite of Microsoft Office tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and others) during your time at Cambrian. To learn more about your Cambrian email read the following:

Your Cambrian College email account is

To access your College email via Office 365 please sign in here using and your campus network password. For the first login, your default password is your date of birth (MMDDYY). For example, born on July 14, 1989, your password would be 071489 . You will be required to change your password after your first login.

NOTE: PASSWORDS expire every 180 days. Once expired you will be prompted to change your password at the next login on-campus or off-campus via Office 365.

When your password has expired your Wi-Fi will no longer connect.

Once you have changed your password, update the password on your mobile device accordingly to access campus wireless.

Using your Cambrian College Email account, you can also log in to web-based MS Office and download tools to your personal computer. Use and login with your Cambrian email.

You also have access to LinkedIn Learning, a suite of professional development videos tied to your Cambrian email. You can access Office 365 and LinkedIn Learning links by using your myCambrian student tab and scrolling down to the Cambrian IT Support window (note, you must scroll down inside the window to see all of the content).

Book a Technology Tutor

If you would like to book a Tutor to help you with any of the details of using technology at Cambrian, please review the following video: Book a Tutor You can also email  and request support.

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