No more than one test per day

Shot of students taking a test

No more than one test per day

Shot of students taking a test

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No more than one test per day

This accommodation is provided when a student’s functional limitations may impact their ability to complete more than one test/exam per day.

Faculty Responsibility

  • When you receive an accommodation letter, reach out to the student via email to invite a discussion about how you can support their learning.


  • When a student requests an alternate test date because they have another test on the same day, consider the following and use this information to inform your decision about the alternate test date:
    • Ask the student what if any other tests they have that week, to determine an appropriate alternate test date that allows for 1 test per day.


  • In-Person: Refer to Test Centre procedures for booking.


  • Moodle: Add a User Override on a Moodle Quiz; change the start and end dates/times.

Student Responsibility

  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor/faculty member in advance of the test/exam date, as soon as they are aware of the need to utilize this accommodation, in order to request a new date.


  • The student is responsible for keeping track of their test dates and is encouraged to use some sort of tracking system (agenda, calendar, apps on their phone, etc.)


  • The student must approach the faculty with the request for an alternate test date; they cannot assume it applies to all assessments.