Alternate Test Dates

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Alternate Test Dates

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Alternate Test Dates

This accommodation is provided when a student’s functional limitations may impact their ability to complete tests/exams on the date they are scheduled. Example: Students dealing with unpredictable periods of ill health. This accommodation should be requested by the student on an as-needed basis. The student must discuss and arrange each and every alternate test date with the instructor/faculty member. Recommendations to consider:

  • No more than 1 or 2 alternate test dates be provided for a single evaluation
  • Ideally, the evaluation should be completed prior to the next scheduled evaluation in the course to allow students to receive feedback

This accommodation does not mean the student is permitted to:

  • No show for tests with no communication
  • Complete all tests at the end of the semester
  • Receive re-weighting of grades to compensate for tests not completed
  • *Exceptions can apply

Repeated requests for alternate test dates for the same test or for several tests in the same course may affect a student’s ability to participate in and successfully meet course/program learning outcomes.

Faculty Responsibility

  • When you receive an accommodation letter, reach out to the student via email to invite a discussion about how you can support their learning.


  • When a student requests an alternate test date, consider the following and use this information to inform your decision about the alternate test date:
    • Ask the student – “How many tests do you have next week?  We want to ensure this doesn’t interfere with your other commitments.”
    • Is this resulting in cumulative alternate test dates within the same course?  What is due in the course next week, or the week after?


  • In-Person: Refer to Test Centre procedures for booking.


  • In Moodle: Add a User Override for the Quiz and change the start and end dates and/or times.

Student Responsibility

  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor/faculty member in advance of the test/exam date, as soon as they are aware of the need to utilize this accommodation, in order to request a new date.


  • The student is responsible for keeping track of their test dates and is encouraged to use some sort of tracking system (agenda, calendar, apps on their phone, etc.)


  • The student must approach the faculty with the request for an alternate test date; they cannot assume it applies to all assessments.
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