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Post-secondary education is changing rapidly. Students are demanding flexible, customizable, technology-enhanced learning opportunities that suit their busy lifestyles. With more post-secondary institutions offering online, distributed learning opportunities, students are no longer constrained by geographical location and can engage in high-quality educational experiences from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

HyFlex Learning

To align with the way that students live, work, and learn today, Cambrian College is investing in the creation and delivery of HyFlex courses. The aim of this delivery mode is to offer students the maximum amount of choice possible within a formal learning program.

In a HyFlex course, students can choose between a variety of delivery modes, adapting their strategy to suit their needs and preferences at any time, without sacrificing the efficacy of their learning.

There are three ways that students can choose to participate:

This participation method looks similar to traditional classroom learning, in that students arrive to a classroom on a specific day and time, and meet with an educator who is physically present in the classroom. However, in-person attendees may interact with classmates who are attending class virtually.

Technological solutions allow the in-person and online attendees to communicate with one another and the course instructor, to collaborate on course activities and assignments and to complete course assessments.

Students attend class virtually, in real-time. Live chat, video conferencing solutions, and collaborative technologies such as the Google Suite allow virtual students to be active participants in the learning experience, despite not being physically present in the classroom.

Students can engage in learning at their own pace, completing coursework online either before or after the in-person learning has taken place. 

Students will interact with their peers and with the course instructor using asynchronous technologies which allow for reflection, collaboration and student-to-student interactions that are dispersed over a period of time.  

To learn more about HyFlex learning: 

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HyFlex Course Development Guide

Please refer to the following guide to develop your HyFlex course. You can contact Jessica O’Reilly, Instructional Developer with the Hub, for assistance or questions as you move through the development process.

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