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Need Tech or Books?

The Hub has a variety of educational and multimedia technology available for Cambrian College staff to borrow. Use it in your classroom, use it to create your lessons, use it for training or use it to learn and experiment.

We also have over 120 books for you to browse and borrow. Learn all about classroom strategies, teaching best practices, integrating technology into your courses and more.

How to Get Started

View our tech and book collections using the links above or contact the Hub Team at To sign-out an item, visit the Teaching & Learning Innovation Hub at Cambrian College in room 1271.

Loan Period

Our typical loan period is one week for technology and three weeks for books. Please notify us if you require an extended loan period. You will be required to submit your name or employee number when signing out an item.

Loan Responsibilities

Any user who signs an item out from the Hub is responsible for returning that item in the same condition it was received.

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