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Ways to Create an Accepting Atmosphere in Your Classroom

It is important for faculty to create a supportive and accepting atmosphere for their students. The first day of classes is a great way to take action in making your students aware and the accepting atmosphere you will be providing throughout the semester or school year. A few ways to enter a new school year in a supportive way are:

  • Using your syllabus to add guidelines such as stating your name and the pronouns you go by, listing where the nearest gender-neutral washrooms in the College, giving your contact information for students who may want to speak to you privately.
  • Communicate to your students that they can contact you if they may have any challenges or requests such as name or pronoun preferences so you can correct them on your class list and become familiar with the change, and to communicate that you will preserve confidentiality.
  • If you intend on taking attendance, using last names can be helpful verbally or using a sign in sheet can be an option as well to avoid making any assumptions based on your class list or a students appearance if they haven’t yet come to you about name/pronoun preferences.
  • Adopt an inclusive language to ensure that none of your students feel any exclusion or discriminatory during lessons or discussions. An example of this would be using words like “partner” or “significant other” instead of “boyfriend/girlfriend” or use the words “folks” or “everyone” when referring to your class rather than saying “you guys.”
  • If students come to you to speak about their personal information like gender identity or any struggles they may have in the classroom, listen to them respectfully. Being non judgemental and open can be extremely helpful for you and the student. [More Information]

Safe Space Allies in the Community

The Sudbury community has many different places and sources that you can explore and even share/recommend to your students to check out.

Réseau ACCESS Network

A non-profit, community-based charitable organization, committed to promoting wellness, education, harm and risk reduction. Support Services: Education workshops, Placement Students, Health Sexuality and Youth Diversity Program. The Youth Diversity Program is designed to encourage the development of safe, positive and inclusive environments for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-spirit, Queer and Questioning (LGBT2-SQQ) youth in educational institutions.

Contact Information:

Fierté Sudbury Pride

Our goal is to provide support, encouragement, and education to LGBT2SQA, family, friends, and the community at large with a view to a protecting Human Rights and Dignity.

Contact Information:

Mental Health and Addictions / Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Services are free for people living or visiting in the Sudbury & Manitoulin Districts. We work with individuals of all ages and with your family and other supports if you agree to have them involved. We will help you find solutions to the issues you face and provide brief counselling and referral to other programs or agencies that can help you.

Contact Information:

Sudbury and District Health Unit

The Health Unit believes that everyone deserves equal access to health care. Our Rainbow Centre Clinic offers a wide range of services with physician-led clinics, onsite nurse practitioners, and public health nurses. Sexual health services include providing information and risk-reduction counselling, plus low-cost birth control for clients without access to a drug plan. The clinic also provides information, counselling, and follow-up after testing for sexually transmitted infections, as well as free medication for treatment.

Contact Information:

TG Innerselves

Support Services support group meetings. Our goal is to provide a safe oasis of mutual support for those who struggle with gender identity and all its encompassing issues. The group will also aid in self-acceptance, education, and development of the person in a healthy, productive, and positive environment.

Contact Information:

Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre

Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre hosts a Two Spirit Circle every other Wednesday evening. It is open to all, including Cree, Anishinabek, and Metis people. The term two-spirit covers those who identify at different points of the sexual identity scale. This group offers both traditional and Western views to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender indigenous people.

Contact Information:

Centre de santé communautaire du Grand Sudbury

Programmes et activities a l’intention de la population LGBTQ

  • Groupe de soutien pour les personnes *Trans
  • Formation aux intervenants dans le milieu de la santé
  • Sensibilisation sur les besoins des personnes LGBTQ par le biais du théâtre communautaire
  • Services de soins primaires, de nutrition et de santé mentale axés sur les besoins des LGBTQ
  • En partenariat avec Réseau ACCES: clinique de santé pour hommes gais et bisexuals

Contact Information:

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