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Setting Up a WordPress Blog

What is a WordPress Blog?

WordPress is an easy to use, free blogging platform. In only a few minutes you can create your very own blog or website. Choose from hundreds of customizable themes and templates that are mobile friendly with professional-looking designs. For an extra cost you can purchase your own custom domain name. [More Information]

Ease of Use:


Set Up Time:

60 mins

Best Used For:

Blogging and website creation.

Why Create a WordPress Blog?

In addition to Moodle, having a WordPress Blog can allow faculty to publish anything from articles, assignments, resources, and more. Since WordPress is a public website/blog it is available on the open web. Students are able to access it anytime in and out of class. You can even encourage your students to create their own blogs as a class activity. [More Information]

How to Create a WordPress Blog

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  • You can set up a free blog on any desktop or laptop that has internet access.
  • is the free platform – limited features, easy to set up. 
  • if the paid platform – full features, highly customizable.
  • Please contact the Hub team to get started, for training and for best practices.

Video Instructions:

Step-by-step Text Instructions:

Video Instructions:

Step-by-Step Text Instructions:

Video Instructions:

Step-by-step Text Instructions:

Need Help?

Contact the Hub team today if you need assistance with this program or visit the Teaching & Learning Innovation Hub in room 1271 at Cambrian College.
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