Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) Minimum Presence Requirements

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Why has Cambrian College Implemented Moodle LMS Minimum Presence Requirements?

What are the Moodle LMS Minimum Presence Requirements?

The Moodle course shells for each face-to-face delivery must include all of the following elements to be considered compliant with the new Minimum Presence Requirements:

  • Course Outline
  • Course Syllabus
  • Professor Contact Information
  • Welcome Message
  • Out of Class Consultation Details
  • Announcements
  • Class Handouts
  • Assignment Handouts

Moodle Template

If you would like to view an example template that includes all of the elements listed above, click on this link and select the “Enrol me” button.

Course Outline

The course outline communicates important information about your courses, such as vocational learning outcomes, accreditation standards, course outcomes and objectives, essential employability skills, resources and the evaluation criteria. The course outcomes included in the DCO identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities students will acquire in the course and which they will be evaluated on. Both faculty and student are expected to follow the content contained in the DCO.

Course Syllabus

The syllabus is your week-to-week lesson plan. It is important for students to have a syllabus, completed in full and easily accessible so that they can prepare for each class and have a schedule of assignment due dates so they can adequately prepare for all of their courses in the semester. Since the syllabus also explicitly connects each assessment to a course learning outcome, students are able to clearly see each assignment’s alignment to the course outcomes.

Professor Contact Information

Include your first and last name, email address, phone number, and any other relevant contact information that would assist your students. Ideally, this information will be easily located at the top of your Moodle course page.

Welcome Message

This is an opportunity for you to greet your students and introduce yourself to them. Consider sharing your professional background, teaching experience, hobbies, and interests. Sharing a little bit of personal information can help your students see you as a whole person, but of course, only share what you are comfortable disclosing. This section is not necessarily meant to welcome and orient students into the course, as this information is shared in the course outline and is likely discussed during the first face-to-face session.  

If you’d like to create a welcome video for your students, contact Jeff.

Out of Class Consultation Details

Please be sure to tell students how they can seek out of class support from you. Do you prefer that they make this request via email? Do you hold regular office hours? Are you open to telephone calls and / or web conferencing?


Announcements should be used within Moodle because not only do the students receive an email with the message, Moodle also stores the message for reference directly in the course shell.   You may consider using the announcements for the following:

  • Remind students of an upcoming activity or event
  • Send students supporting materials for your upcoming class
  • Announce milestones or accomplishments for students

The frequency of using the announcement forum is also something you should consider. Some good practice for sending announcements are:

  • Sending an announcement on a regular schedule (weekly, bi-weekly)
  • Keep the message to the point

Sending an Announcement in Moodle

Class and Assignment Handouts

Many of you already share your handouts and PowerPoints with students in digital as well as printed formats. For those that are new to using Moodle shells and/or creating and sharing digital documents with students, here’s what is meant by handouts as part of the new LMS Minimum Requirements:

If you provide your in-class students with worksheets, assignment details, study guides, or other printed material critical to their success, please post a digital version in your Moodle shell as well. This helps ensure that if a student has missed a class (for a variety of legitimate reasons that students miss class) they have the materials needed to complete evaluations and study for quizzes and exams. The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub Team is happy to support you in creating and posting digital documents – including PowerPoints if you use them. You will maintain full control over when and where documents are posted in your shell.

Additional Support

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub is here to support your use of Moodle.

  • If you’re building a new Moodle course and you’d like to start with a template, click here to make a request
  • To learn more about Moodle basics, please visit our Moodle page or book a consultation with Rob