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Level Up in 2018/19

  /  Level Up in 2018/19

Take Your Teaching or Student Learning Program to the Next Level!

The Hub is inviting you to Level Up this 2018/19 school year!

September 2018 – August 2019

  • Do you have a lesson or program you’ve always wanted to change but didn’t know how?
  • Feel overwhelmed at the idea of trying to overhaul your course or Moodle shell?
  • Need a little or a lot of help along the way?
  • Want to join a community of colleagues who are also making small changes?

Your Challenge

Make one small change to a lesson or program to make it more impactful for all learners.

How to Make a Change

Here are some ideas where you could make one small change:

  • Add an active learning opportunity
  • Use a best practice in your teaching
  • Explore an alternate assessment strategy
  • Record and use video or audio 
  • Use an Open Education Resource
  • Adopt a new technology
  • Provide an opportunity for students to collaborate
  • Enhance your Moodle course
  • Your own idea!

Share & Earn

Earn an “I’ve Levelled Up!” button for your lanyard by sharing your one small change. You’ll help others while being recognized for your great work! 

You can share your one small change through our: 

Or by:

  • sending in a quick note to the Hub team via email
  • posting about your one small change on social media with hashtag #CambrianHub
  • Talking to a member of the Hub team

Need Inspiration?

Here are some opportunities that may inspire you to make your one small change: 

Get Started

Whether you choose to make one small change on your own, with a partner or team, or with the assistance of a member of the Hub team, that’s great! 

All we hope for is for you to be inspired enough to make a change. One small change.

Learn More

Contact Amy Cliff in the Hub for more information on how to get started or to learn more about the Level Up Challenge.

Amy Cliff
Faculty Developer

(705) 566-8101 x 7554

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