Level Up in 2020/21

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Level with us!

The Hub invites you to share your tips and learn how to stay afloat this year.

Tips to stay above water:

  • How to find time for teaching and learning during a pandemic.
  • Easy and simple ways to set up your Moodle course.
  • Ways to engage with students during synchronous class time.
  • Ways to engage with students during asynchronous learning.
  • Ways to encourage peer-to-peer discussions.
  • Self-care, health and wellness.

Additional ways to make one small change:

Share & Earn

Earn your Level Up! button for your lanyard by sharing your one small change. You’ll help others while being recognized for your great work! 

You can share your one small change through our: 

Or by:

  • Sending a note to the Hub team via email
  • Posting about your one small change on social media with hashtag #CambrianHub
  • Talking to a member of the Hub team

Stay Level!

Please share – it just may save someone else!

Need more inspiration?

Here are some opportunities that may inspire you to make your one small change: 

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