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The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub supports faculty and staff at Cambrian College through the exploration, experimentation and creation of enhanced learning experiences.

There are many ways that the Hub supports faculty and staff in their learning. Please visit the pages below to find out more:

Professional Development Calendar

Find upcoming events and PD sessions happening in and out of the Hub on our online PD calendar. Register using the online registration form to let us know if you are able to attend. Hover for quick descriptions of each event, or click to learn more.

Level Up Campaign

Have you made one small change to a lesson, course, or program to make it more impactful for learners? Share your story through our Level Up campaign. You’ll receive a shiny button for your lanyard and your story may inspire someone else to try something new.

Video Recordings of PD Sessions

Did you miss a PD session in the Hub? Want to re-watch one you attended? Get caught up online and on your own time. View video recordings of some of our most popular PD sessions here!

Learning Opportunities

Do you enjoy learning? Want to become a better educator and maybe discover something new to try in your own teaching practice? Find additional learning opportunities like books, courses, MOOCs, Quality Matters, conferences, and more.

Pilot Programs

If you are interested in trying one of the technologies that are currently being explored at the college, join a pilot! Click the link below to learn what programs we are piloting this semester.

Tech & Book Library

The Hub has a variety of educational and multimedia technology available for Cambrian College staff to borrow. Use it in your classroom, use it to create your lessons, use it for training or use it to learn and experiment. We also have over 120 books for you to browse and borrow. Learn all about classroom strategies, teaching best practices, integrating technology into your courses and more.

Book the Hub Classroom

The Hub Classroom is a fully functional audio/video recording and presentation space located within the Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. The Classroom is used for professional development sessions, workshops, lecture recording, webinars, video viewing, meetings, and much more. It’s flexible design and available technology allow for a number of different arrangements and uses.