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Flexible Learning for the 21st Century

Post-secondary education is changing rapidly. Students are demanding flexible, customizable, technology-enhanced learning opportunities that suit their busy lifestyles. With more post-secondary institutions offering online, distributed learning opportunities, students are no longer constrained by geographical location and can engage in high-quality educational experiences from anywhere, at any time, on any device.  

To align with the way that students live, work, and learn today, Cambrian College is investing in the creation and delivery of HyFlex courses. The aim of this delivery mode is to offer students the maximum amount of choice possible within a formal learning program.  

What is a HyFlex Delivery?

Jessica O’Reilly, Instructional Developer with the Cambrian College Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub, explains the various participation methods available to HyFlex students, including in-person, synchronous online, and asynchronous online deliveries.

Why is Cambrian Offering HyFlex Deliveries?

Janice Clarke, Dean of the Schools of Justice, Community Services and General Studies explains how HyFlex delivery options align with Cambrian’s current Strategic Plan.

Which Programs are Currently Offered in HyFlex?

Brian Lobban, Dean of the Schools of Business and Information Technology; Arts, Design, Music; and Hospitality, explains the rationale for launching three HyFlex Graduate Certificate Programs in the 2018 – 2019 academic year.

Example Lecture Capture

Here is an example of a lecture capture style video that HyFlex students can watch in real time (live) or asynchronously (after the class has taken place). Typically, lecture captures record all of the events that take place during the live, in-person class. Virtual students can see and hear the instructor, view the presentation and whiteboard annotations, and, depending on the context, can see and hear the students attending class in-person.

Most of the students currently enrolled in our HyFlex programs have opted to attend class in-person. A minority of students participate exclusively asynchronously. None of our students regularly participate in the synchronous virtual sessions, though some do use this option if, for example, they need to stay home with a sick child or the weather prevents them from reaching campus safely.

Student Testimonials

Faculty Testimonials

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