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Is the Hub open for drop-ins?

We are pleased to announce the Hub is open for drop-ins Monday to Friday. For further campus updates, please visit Cambrian College’s campus updates page.

What are the differences between the delivery methods of courses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To provide the safest learning experience for students, Cambrian College has adopted various delivery methods to help students succeed. A comprehensive guide for the Winter 2022 program delivery can be found on the Cambrian College website, along with delivery format definitions. 

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub

How do I know who to contact at the Hub to provide help with my program/course delivery?

Cambrian College’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub has a universal email that can be used to contact the Hub with any questions you have. Our team of members will ensure your email is then forwarded to the correct correspondent. The Hub’s universal email is

How do I get to the Hub once I am at the College?

  1. Enter from the main entrance of Cambrian College.
  2. Once you are in the main foyer, go right.
  3. Take the first set of stairs that are beside the elevator, down one floor.
  4. Once you are on the first floor, go through the doors on the right.
  5. Walk straight from the doors (past the mineral hallway). 
  6. You will see a small set of stairs to your left.
  7. Go down the stairs and keep straight.
  8. You will then see the Hub entrance.

Cambrian College Campus Map | Hub Map Location


How do I access my Cambrian licensed Zoom account?

To access your Cambrian licensed Zoom account first visit go to, and sign in with your Cambrian College email address. For more information regarding accessing your Cambrian licensed Zoom account can be found on our Hub’s Zoom webpage, or by following along this YouTube tutorial.  

Who do I contact at the Hub to help me with my Zoom account?

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub has two specialists ready to help you with any questions you have with Zoom.  Chris Schubert:  Rob Comtois:  


How do I access eGrades?

Accessing eGrades can be done through the myCambrian Portal under the Faculty Dashboard 

  • Click the eGrades icon on your Faculty Dashboard in myCambrian.
  • You must set up a grade book in eGrades and enter all grades for all assessments in your course.
  • Click Create/View Evaluation Plan to set up your grade book from scratch 
    • You may be able to Copy an Existing Template if the course code and all assessments were identical in a previous delivery.
  • Click Add/Edit Marks to enter grades once you’ve graded an assessment and have marks to enter.
  • Complete the Technology for Teaching Orientation for more information on eGrades.

How do I unlock my eGrades?

eGrades can be accessed through your myCambrian Portal from time to time. If you require access to your eGrades after they have been locked, contact Chris Schubert or Rob Comtois at or 


I want to include a multimedia component to my program/course delivery. Does the Hub offer this type of support?

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub is equipped to help faculty and staff facilitate their programs/courses with the assistance of audio and video. If you have any questions or inquiries about incorporating audio or video into your program/course delivery, contact Jeff Tranchemontagne at

I want to provide my students with a screen recording for my program/course delivery.

Screen recordings can be done using the free version of Zoom. The Hub has created a comprehensive video to help get you started. For more information regarding screen recordings or assistance with editing reach out to Jeff Tranchemontagne at


How do I submit a help desk ticket without my Cambrian college email?

The IT Service Desk portal allows the Cambrian College community to review knowledgebase articles and request assistance related to Information Technology systems and services. The IT department can also be contacted via phone 705-566-8101 x7370.

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