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Enter to Win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

From now until June 5th 2018, we are launching Cambrian College’s Teaching & Learning Innovation Hub!

As part of this launch event, we invite you to participate in our Hub Launch Contest, where you can enter for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

This contest is open to all current Cambrian College faculty (full-time, contract, partial-load and sessional) with the winner to be announced on Tuesday June 5th 2018 at the Hub’s Open House event.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Thank you for your interest in participating, this contest is now closed. 


1. Website Scavenger Hunt

Laptop Search Icon

Activity: Find five pages on this website and copy/paste the URL of those pages into an online form.

Estimated Time to Complete the Activity: 5-10 minutes

Why Participate? Learn about the Hub’s new website and some of the services and information available to you. As we continue to build the website and add more content and features, we hope it will become a valuable tool for you to use in your teaching and learning.

How to Complete the Activity: Open the form below and follow the instructions to find the five pages on our site!

2. Augmented Reality Puzzle

Map Icon

Activity: Using an instruction sheet and the free HP Reveal app on a mobile device, roam around the Hub to find the items we’ve hidden using augmented reality. (Hint: we’ve made it easy for you to find the items but you’ll have to unscramble the words!)

Estimated Time to Complete the Activity: 25-35 minutes

Why Participate? Check out a free and easy way to integrate augmented reality into your own classroom. Once you’ve developed your activity, it takes less than 20 minutes to set up a puzzle like we did!

How to Complete the Activity:

  1. Download the free HP Reveal app to your mobile device
  2. Come down to the Hub (room 1271)
  3. Pick up an instruction sheet from the Copy Room (where the printer is)
  4. Follow the instructions on the sheet to complete the puzzle
  5. Need help? Locate any member of the Hub team and we can get you started!
  6. When you have found all the items and solved the puzzle, hand in your sheet to a member of the Hub team

3. Subscribe to the Hub Newsletter

Phone Icon

Activity: Opt-in to our email newsletter by choosing the topics you are most interested in.

Estimated Time to Complete the Activity: 1-2 minutes

Why Participate? Our email newsletter will be one of the primary ways we keep faculty informed. By subscribing to the topics you are most interested in, you will only receive the information that you prefer to receive. Topics sent via our newsletter may include:

  • Academic reminders at key times throughout the year
  • How-to videos, tips and tricks to make life easier
  • Examples from other faculty members that you can use in your own classroom
  • Upcoming events and workshops to learn something new
  • New technology available on loan, and more…

How to Complete the Activity: Click on the “Newsletter” button below to get started.

Note: You are always free to manage your subscription options and unsubscribe at any time.

4. Join the Hub on Social Media

Social Media Icon

Activity: Join the Hub on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube.

Estimated Time to Complete the Activity: 1-2 minutes

Why Participate? Be notified of real-time news, information, reminders, multimedia, and more from the Hub. We will be regularly posting updates, photos, videos, links, articles, educational resources and much more to save you time, showcase the great work of our faculty, keep you informed and provide helpful reminders throughout the semester.

How to Complete the Activity: To be counted as an entry in our contest, you can choose to join the Hub on any one or more of the following social media channels:

5. Complete an Interactive Survey

Survey Icon

Activity: Participate in a 5-question survey in the Hub

Estimated Time to Complete the Activity: 3-10 minutes

Why Participate? In order to best support our faculty, we need to hear from you! We are seeking your comments, feedback and suggestions on what you like about the Hub so far, what we could improve upon, how you have been or would like to use our services and your advice for the Hub team. We will use this information to continuously improve our drop-in services and availability, physical space, website, PD workshops, and more.

How to Complete the Activity: Come down to the Hub (room 1271), grab a marker and pad of sticky notes from the kitchen and find the five questions we’ve posted on the walls around the Hub. Write your responses on the sticky notes and post them under the questions to be entered into the draw. You can choose to answer any or all of the questions.

Note: You do not need to include your name with your responses on the survey

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