Booking Private Teaching Time in Cambrian HyFlex Classrooms

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Booking Private Teaching Time in Cambrian HyFlex Classrooms

The purpose of the link below is to provide you with an option to transition to virtual theory teaching (courses marked VIRT in your timetable) when either time to travel (if you’re teaching on-campus labs), or sufficient access to Internet or technology at home are a problem.

Students will not be allowed to join you in these classrooms.  Please remember that they need travel time as well.  

The purpose of these rooms is to accommodate live Zoom teaching for VIRT courses (theory-based courses). While you can choose how to manage live Zoom teaching hours, please remember that courses marked as VIRT should contain weekly synchronous lessons delivered using Zoom. Synchronous teaching time must occur within your timetabled VIRT class hours.  Please communicate when this synchronous teaching will occur with your students.  Please remember, your students may also need travel time to move between labs and virtual delivery.

During non-Zoom class hours, students may be accessing content that you create and add to their Moodle shells (videos, readings, textbook chapters, practice activities). This is a blended approach to teaching that helps everyone manage their time and engagement.

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