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Photo of the Hub lounge

Welcome to the Hub’s New Blog & Website

Photo of the Hub lounge

Hello! Welcome to Cambrian College Teaching & Learning Innovation Hub’s new blog.

Our entire Hub team is excited to be sharing this new resource with the world. We are also excited to get you involved too! This blog will be dedicated to improving teaching and learning at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and beyond.

In addition to our own team’s articles and musings about education, technology, learning opportunities, multimedia, hardware, software, strategies, tips, tricks and more, we want you, our faculty and staff, to contribute as well. You have valuable information to share with the world, so let’s share it together!

About the Website

Now, onto our very first blog post.

I’m personally excited to welcome you to our website. This website was launched in April 2018 as the Hub’s digital space. In reviewing other teaching and learning centres’ websites, in consultation with faculty and staff here at Cambrian College, consulting with other colleges, as well as research on best practices in web design, this website came about as the result. As well, the design of our website was born out of the colour scheme of the Hub’s physical space.

The structure of our website was inspired by other teaching and learning centres’ websites. Taking what I thought were the best ideas from each one, I combined these into a new site map that I presented to one of our faculty committees. This group then evaluated the menu, structure, content and overall layout of the site through two focus group sessions and the result was the menu you see here at the top.

After the design and structure were in place, we moved in our content. You can find our team’s contact information at the top of the site, learn all about the Hub, find us on social media, and if you need something quick, use the search bar or scroll to the footer where we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Our Menu & Content

Our menu attempts to walk our faculty and staff through the stages of teaching and learning.

Getting Started as an Educator

“Getting Started” is the first step to someone’s teaching career here at Cambrian. This collection of resources is designed to ensure that all new faculty (and those who are starting a new semester) are equipped with the tools and information they need to be successful. Such items under this menu include orientation and how to use Moodle, our LMS system.

Planning to Teach

The next item on the menu is “Plan”. Here’s where our faculty and staff go to begin preparing for teaching. By this point, they should be aware of the courses they are teaching and are gathering all of their materials and content. We also give some tips and information on planning face-to-face, online and HyFlex courses.

Teaching at Cambrian

The third item is “Teach”, and, as you may guess, this is where you can find resources that will help you as you are actively teaching in your classroom. We’ve included so far, some information about locating and using Open Educational Resources (OER) – watch the videos from Open Day they’re amazing. We also have some information on managing your classroom as well as how to best support international students here at Cambrian.

Assessing Your Students

The fourth item is “Assess” and this is where you’ll find all things related to assessment: both formative and summative. We plan to add resources here that help you with eGrades, Moodle Gradebook, GradeCam, Respondus LockDown Browser, and more. We hope to make assessment easier for everyone – students and faculty.

Learn Something New

Next, we have “Learn”. Who doesn’t love to learn something new? Here’s where you’ll find information about upcoming PD sessions through our interactive PD Calendar. Registrations are available through that calendar, so keep it handy! We also have information related to conferences, webinars, courses, pilot programs, books, technology and how to book the Hub Classroom.

Learn, Share, Do

Lastly, we have “Studio”, my personal favourite of all the spaces on our website. This area of our site features the Hub Studio, the Hub Blog and our newsletter. It’s designed to be a mixture of self-help, inspiration and sharing. Check out the Hub Studio where you’ll find some great information about software, technology and teaching strategies. We even share your work on the Hub Studio under a section called “Cambrian Studio”. You’ll find this section on the articles where we’ve shared resources. The blog is still taking shape and our electronic newsletter is just getting started. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do!

Share with Cambrian & the World

Well that’s a quick overview of our new blog and our new website. As mentioned, we hope to hear from you! We want you to share your proudest work with us here in the Hub and on our website. Contact me if you have a cool lesson, image, infographic, chart, table, PDF, activity, quiz, or anything you want to share with the world. You can choose to share through our Blog, through our Hub Studio, on our social media channels, or anywhere else we can think of! … and if you don’t have anything to share at the moment, please consider leaving a comment on our blog or in the Hub Studio, we love to hear from you 🙂

More to Come!

That wraps up our very first blog post. Stay tuned for more and see you in the Hub!

By Sarah Wendorf, Instructional Designer, Cambrian College Teaching & Learning Innovation Hub

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