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Moodle is the name of Cambrian College’s Learning Management System (LMS). It is an online learning platform where faculty can set up and deliver courses or training programs. Students use Moodle to view course materials, receive important information from their instructors, participate in discussions, complete assessments, view their grades, and much more.

Cambrian uses Moodle for all course deliveries (face-to-face, online, HyFlex, etc.). We are currently using Moodle version 3.11.

You can access Moodle by signing into myCambrian and clicking the Moodle link in your faculty or student dashboard. (Or you can go to and log in using CAS, which will prompt you to log in using your myCambrian credentials.)

Moodle LMS Minimum Presence Requirements

In 2019, the Cambrian College LMS Working Group and Academic Advisory Council developed and approved minimum presence requirements for the use of Moodle in all courses. Click the link below to ensure your courses contain all required elements.

Learning Moodle

We’ve created a series of videos to help you become familiar with Moodle and learn more about specific features.

You are also welcome to reach out to the Hub team to get started. We can answer any Moodle questions you have and can assist you with setting up your course.

Additionally, there are resources for Learning Moodle 3.11 from LinkedIn Learning. All Cambrian faculty and staff can access LinkedIn Learning. Log in using your Cambrian Microsoft Office credentials.

Request a Moodle Development Shell

Interested in getting your Moodle course ready before the semester starts? Are you developing a course that doesn’t already have a Moodle page? Request a development shell (DEV shell) by clicking the button below:

Introduction to Moodle

This video provides an introduction to Moodle and will show the layout of the Moodle home page and a sample course page. You will learn to navigate within Moodle using the navigation bar and access your courses and other Moodle content.

Moodle Announcements

Moodle Announcements are one-way communication sent by faculty to students. Announcements are different than discussion forums, which can be used to foster two-way communication between faculty and students. This video demonstrates how to send an Announcement in Moodle and explains some advanced options.

When faculty create an Announcement, it is emailed to all students. The Announcements link is also visible at the top of your course page.

Editing Moodle Sections

In this video you will learn how to edit the sections within your Cambrian College Moodle course shell.

Editing Text in Moodle

This video explains how to use the Text Editor in Moodle. The text editor contains many icons that allow users to enter and edit text, or add images, videos, tables, and other media.

Adding Files and Folders in Moodle

In this video, you will learn how to upload files to a Moodle course and create folders to help organize those files.

Moodle Quizzes and the Question Bank

This video demonstrates how to create a quiz in Moodle, adjust quiz settings, and view categories and questions in a course’s question bank.

Moodle Assignments

Moodle Accommodations (User Overrides)

Do you have a student who requires additional time on a test, needs to write it on a different date/time than other students, or has been allowed another attempt? In this video, we explain how you can create a User Override in Moodle to allow for accommodations such as this.

Cambrian Moodle App

The Cambrian Moodle App is a mobile application that users will be able to download to access Cambrian Moodle courses from a mobile device. Check back for updates.


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