Memory Aid / Notecard

close up of pencil and blank index card

Memory Aid / Notecard

close up of pencil and blank index card

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Memory Aid / Notecard

This accommodation is provided when a student has a limitation in their ability to retrieve information that they already learned.

Features of a memory aid:

  • Provides cues/triggers to assist in recall of previously learned information, which can include: acronyms, pictures, symbols, and mnemonics
  • A single sheet of paper; one-sided
  • Makes sense only to the student and would not be useful to other students

A memory aid is not:

  • Answers to test questions
  • Definitions
  • Course notes
  • Descriptions of concepts
  • A substitute for studying

Faculty Responsibility

  • Review the content of the memory aid to ensure it does not contain answers:
    • Instructors are within their right to disallow portions of or the entire memory aid should it represent a clear academic advantage.


  • In-Person: Refer to Test Centre procedures for booking. Sign and date the memory aid and attach the memory aid to the test to be written.

Student Responsibility

  • It is the student’s responsibility to create their memory aid and provide a copy of the memory aid to faculty at least 5 business days prior to their test date for approval.